Tuesday 5th September


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

It looks like Hurricane Irma is about to spoil the end of our summer vacation. Mandatory evacuation orders have been issued for the Keys, and all visitors must begin leaving the area at sunrise tomorrow morning.

I was beginning to enjoy ‘Island Time’ very much indeed: beautiful weather, surroundings, atmosphere and way of life. We really were becoming used to having a few days to wind down, before heading back home to England.

So, there is no question about it, no arguing, no negotiation, no chance….. ya gotta get outta here.

And it will be “Good-bye, Key Largo”. For this vacation anyway.

Not sure what you would have made of it all ~ jumping up and down, shouting orders, telling us to get a move on, and secretly loving all the drama.

Sleep tight sweetheart

Precious Angel son


Oh my…

It’s on it’s way

But it’s so gorgeous here….

A chair for me, and one for you…

Don’t want to leave….

A perfect day….

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  1. So glad to hear you have evacuated. Sorry about having to cut your vacation time short. At least you got to see it before it got devasted. We were planning on seeing it this next spring – not meant to be I guess!
    Blessings to you – Be safe!

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    • Hope you are ok after the onslaught of Irma.
      We have been through a number of hurricanes, but none as large as that one, and the first time we have ever had to be evacuated….
      Oh well, we’ll just have to get on and make plans for our return 😃🌴😃

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    • Hi.
      Thank you, we do love the Keys and have visited many times. We were sorry to be evacuated, but understood the urgency of staying safe.
      Our resort in Key Largo fared pretty well, with minimal damage, but it is the middle Keys that are still struggling now, to get back to normal.
      I see devastating​ images and wonder how the people will reclaim their lives and way of life. And then I see so many from the emergency services, from other neighbourhoods, and even other states, all getting stuck in and helping out.
      It’s that that makes me happy.
      Island time is the best time.


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