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  1. I came over to check out your blog after you followed mine. I thank you for the follow. I am touched and amazed by your blog. It is such a poignant chronicle of your son, his death, your emotions. I cannot imagine how yow were able to continue to record all you were going through but the fact that you were able to means that you and your family have this forever. I have not read everything but I am deeply moved by what you have written. My heart goes out to you for your loss.

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    • Thank you for your kind message.
      I felt if I didn’t start writing and recording my thoughts, and what happened, when it happened, then I would forget things.
      We loved our son with all our hearts, and are utterly bereft with his passing. But he left us with so many happy memories.


      • That’s what happened to me. I started journaling about my husband’s cancer shortly after he was diagnosed, but it became too overwhelming. I thought I would never forget but many of the details are gone. I admire your ability to get it all down during very difficult times.

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      • Thank you.
        It is just something I feel I need to do.
        Although I do find it really hard to go back and re-read through posts I had written. The memories are still so raw and vivid, I live through it time and time again.


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