Monday 29th June

Your brother’s car had conked out. Well, it really belongs to his girlfriend. But anyway, the brakes have failed, the oil filter needs changing, the two front tyres need replacing, and the steering needs checking. What it really needs is a bit of care and attention, oh, and regular servicing probably wouldn’t go amiss. You’d call him a Jerk, or a Ninny.

The garage have had the car since last Wednesday, and today it is ready for collection. Your brother is working, so we are going to take his girlfriend in our car. She arrives with a gift for us: a gorgeous sunflower in a little pot. It has one flower ‘head’, but many, many more buds around the stem. Perfect. She knew you loved sunflowers, and this was so thoughtful.

We drive to the garage, collect the car, and stop to have tea in the garden centre. When we arrive home, your Dad plants the sunflower in a bigger pot, so that it can take root. You would have loved to watch it grow.

Just as you were coming to the end of your chemotherapy, you had bought some sunflower seeds, and said you were going to grow the biggest sunflower ever. Dad has planted those seeds in the garden, and right now the seedlings are about 20cm tall ~ no sign of flowers yet, but the stems look really strong.

My brother in America has also planted sunflower seeds, and his are probably three times the height of ours ~ must be the warmer weather at his cottage.

So your sunflower spirit will live on, across both sides of the ocean.
I just wish you were here to see them.

Love you, my own little sunshine xxx

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