Daily Archives: July 2, 2015

Removing another alien blob



Thursday 2nd July

Following my Month 18 check-up for the Combi-Ad clinical trial that I am on for malignant melanoma, a ‘mole’ on my arm was deemed to be suspect. Today we had a 250 mile round trip so that the hospital where I go for treatment could remove it.

The procedure took about thirty minutes to cut away the offending blob, then closed up with both internal and external stitches. I didn’t really feel anything, as I think quite a lot of anaesthetic was injected around the mole to begin with. I have about a two and a half centimetre scar, and will have to wait up to three weeks for the results. I have to have the stitches out in seven to ten days.

So there we have it. Cross fingers for a good outcome.

On the way home we stopped by the cemetery to see you. We talked for a while about what I had had done, in the same hospital where you were born, just over thirty years ago. So many memories came back to us.

I wish you were still here so we could talk with you properly, and to have a cuddle. I do miss those.

Love you forever.