Daily Archives: July 15, 2015

Little bird



Wednesday 15th July

Dad spent this afternoon mowing the grass and tidying up the back garden. With all the rain and warm temperatures, the lawn was looking quite unruly.

(By the way, your sunflowers are growing beautifully. No buds as yet, but the stems and leaves are about three feet high. They sure are looking mighty healthy. We’ll try to make your wish come true: when you bought those seeds, you told us you wanted to grow the biggest sunflower ever).

Whilst Dad was mowing and strimming away, I was sitting in the kitchen. The back door was open. I suddenly looked up, and turned my head. Just above my right shoulder was a little sparrow fluttering in the doorway. It had flown through the back door, into the porch, and just hovered a foot above my head. It wasn’t distressed, nor did it flap around flying into walls or windows. The sparrow just looked at me, flapped its wings, turned around and flew back out of the door.

It sure did make me jump. But then I thought, perhaps it was you, come to say hello, and check out how we’re doing. So strange, and quite surreal.

I would so much love to believe it was you, in some form or another. Little signs to let us know that you are still with us. You’ve been gone one hundred and twenty five days. Such a long time, and yet I remember as if it was yesterday.

So, could a bird flying inside the house be considered an angel sent from above? Some sort of comforting messenger?

Love you forever my fluttering little Angel xxxx