Daily Archives: July 12, 2015

Sunday visits


Sunday 12th July

Our Sundays now have a comfortable routine: we collect my mum from the care home, meet up with my sister for coffee and lunch, then maybe go on somewhere different for afternoon tea.

Today we were interrupted by your brother’s girlfriend who was phoning from hospital. She was allowed to go home, having stayed overnight, following a consultation with a doctor. Your brother was working, so we told her to ring us if she needed anything.

Having said goodbyes to my mum and sister we drive to the hospital. Your brother’s girlfriend was very pleased to see us, no operation had been necessary, and she very much wanted to go home.

As we were passing the cemetery, we asked if she minded if we stopped to visit you. It was grey and misty, with no one else about. She really liked your horse, and the white, spreading petunias.

I know it seems strange perhaps, that we do come and see you every day, but it was good to bring someone else along this afternoon, to visit you.

We all miss you so, so much.
We talk about you often.
You will never, ever be forgotten.
Love you so very much.