Daily Archives: July 13, 2015

Stitches and strolls



Monday 13th July

This morning the stitches came out of my left arm, where I had a suspect mole removed almost two weeks ago. It was a painless and simple procedure carried out by a nurse at the surgery; I’m now left with a 2cm scar, and a bit of a dent in my skin. Ho hum, I have to be patient and wait sixteen days for the results.

The afternoon was spent with your brother’s girlfriend, as she’s still not well enough to return to work. We did have a little stroll along the harbour front, trying to dodge the many holidaymakers, and we stopped to have a cappuccino to watch the world go by.

You liked people watching, too. You were especially fascinated by young children, or crying babies. You wanted to see how parents would interact with their children.

I wish you were still here, walking across the wharf with us. We could stop for an ice cream tub, then go and look in the bookshops, or watch the surfers in the sea. It’s just not the same. I wake up thinking of you, and am still thinking of you when I go to bed.

Know we love you with all our hearts.
We miss you more every day.