Daily Archives: July 10, 2015

It’s not right


Friday 10th July

The stitches in my arm were not ready to come out today, so the nurse just cleaned the scar and gave me a new dressing. I must say it looks pretty tidy, with no redness or inflammation. It’s been nine days since I had a suspect mole removed and am awaiting the results. So it’s back to the surgery first thing Monday morning.

Having sat for almost an hour in the waiting room, I was now looking forward to a cappuccino, followed by a bit of shopping. Well, buying bouquets for you ~ no roses though, as the man in front of us gathered every single bunch. We then drive to the cemetery, armed with a new collection of flowers.

We try to look after you, and your resting place now that you’ve gone. We come to talk with you, to share our thoughts, and we try not to be sad. We cry because you’re no longer here, but we must remember all the happy adventures we had together.

We did so try to look after you when you were here with us. We tried to make everything right for you, to give you the best possible life.

Your autism meant allowances had to be made for your sometimes challenging behaviour, we had to have huge amounts of patience, but the love and affection we shared was priceless. For thirty years you were our beloved child.

Having arranged your flowers, I stood back, reflecting, feeling sad, thinking “It’s not right. This is just not right.” And the tears flow.

It’s been a hundred and twenty days since you gained your Angel wings, and the pain in my heart is unrelenting.

Love you forever, dearest son in heaven.