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Saturday evening stroll



Saturday 18th July

We’ve just returned from a leisurely stroll around the harbour and the beach. So many holidaymakers wandering around eating ice creams or fish and chips ~ the seagulls are having a great time swooping down and stealing food.

By the time we get to the surfing beach it is high tide and the sun is about to fall beneath a large bank of cloud. It’s still warm though, and many people are sitting on the sand, even though it’s almost 9pm. The smell from many barbecues fills the air, as families tuck into their alfresco meals.

We are then treated to a wonderful display of dolphins jumping and twisting out of the water. You would have loved watching them. A little further on, and we see a seal swimming not too far from the shore. There is much pointing and oohs and aahs from those on the beach. Perhaps a once in a lifetime sighting for those inner-city dwellers ~ we are so fortunate to live where we do.

As the sun was going down, there was a little prism of rainbow colours to the east of the sun. It reminded me of a few lines in a poem:

“Time for me to leave you
I won’t say goodbye.
Look for me in rainbows
High up in the sky.

In the evening sunset
When all the world is through,
Just look for me and love me
And I’ll be close to you.”

Was that a little sign that you were close by this evening?
Rainbows and dolphins?
Who knows?

Sleep tight my precious little Angel
We love you so very much.