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Sunday 5th June


You were all those things and more, our darling FRANK.

We were speaking about you this afternoon, and I don’t know how or why, but the conversation was about how you used to swim. Whether in the sea or in swimming pools you would really enjoy being under the water, swimming like a dolphin. (Whilst we were talking about you, sitting outside in the sunshine, a little robin appeared ~ was that you, come to listen?)

You first learnt to swim when we lived in Australia, and we would go down to the beach, most afternoons in the summer, after school. The bay was very sheltered, and quite shallow.

You enjoyed snorkelling too, and had a terrific time at the Barrier Reef, seeing the wonderful colours of the amazing sea life. From reef sharks to parrot fish, coral to giant clams, it was like living in a wildlife documentary, the water was so clear.

You also went snorkelling in Tobago, where we had a trip out in Frank’s Glass Bottom Boat. You thought the gaily painted vessel was named after you, and why not? Here we followed large angel fish, turtles, and huge manta rays. You would dive down, kicking your legs, and swim along underwater.

Bermuda and the Virgin Islands were other destinations where we took our snorkelling gear. You loved playing about in the water, jumping off the boat, swimming to shore, wearing your mask and fins.

You and your brother also had formal swimming lessons, and collected a multitude of proficiency badges for life saving, and various distances. Because many of our summer holidays were spent sailing with my father, on his boat, we wanted you both to be able to take care of yourselves in the sea.

And a jolly good little swimmer you were, too.
You had so much fun.

Love you sweetheart xxxx