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Monday morning mizzle



Monday 20th July

What a mizzley old morning. Heavy, sparkling mist and fine, soaking drizzle combine to create Cornish mizzle. It seems to be blowing horizontally as we leave the house depositing water droplets on your face, clothes and hair. It’s not cold though, just grey and grotty.

We don’t see anyone else in the cemetery, probably because of the miserable weather. But the mizzle is giving the grass a good soaking, and keeping all the flowers and leaves well-watered.

By the afternoon we are ready for our walk, and the sun is coming out. So are the hordes of tourists; they seem to be everywhere. But it is good for the town, to see the place so busy.

We chat awhile with an old sea-faring, children’s bookwriter. He is enjoying sitting on the wall in the sunshine, watching the world go by. Perhaps he is getting ideas for his next book about his own world travels as a grandfather. Previously he has written about the adventures of a teddy bear from the town.

I think we will take the soft toy dolphin, that is lying on your bed, on our own travels. Perhaps I will write stories of it’s exploits too. Frank the Dolphin’s Excellent Expedition.

Sleep tight my precious Angel.
Love you so very much.