Daily Archives: July 28, 2015

Every so often



Tuesday 28th July

“Every so often your loved ones will open the door from Heaven, and visit you in a Dream.
Just to say “Hello” and to remind you they are still with you, just in a different way….”

Yes, every so often I do feel your presence beside me. I know you’re there holding out your hand for me, so that we can walk along together.

The harbour front was bustling today with families on the beach, walking on  the pavements and in the middle of the road, sitting outside the cafés, motoring about the bay in boats, or trying to slowly drive along avoiding the meandering throngs.

I’m not sure you would have enjoyed being here, out and about today. There were just so many people, and you didn’t really like crowds. By now we would had been in South Carolina meeting up with old friends, and getting used to a more relaxed time.

This will be our first summer for about twenty years that we are staying at home and not flying to America. You see, you are no longer with us, and we can’t face having our ‘normal’ vacation without you.

Someday that will change, and we will retrace our steps and revisit places we went to with you. We will also create new journeys. Someday. But not yet awhile. Not yet.

Missing you so very much today.
Love you forever precious Angel.



High tide in the harbour this afternoon. Sunshine and moody clouds.