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Friday feelings



Friday 17th July

Having had my weekly lymphoedema massage appointment, where I lay blissfully enjoying the nothingness of total relaxation, we spend an hour on the beach watching your brother kite surfing.

He is becoming quite good, and really enjoys being out in the water. His girlfriend, who is still on antibiotics, has to take it easy for another week or so, otherwise she would be in the water too. She is a kite surfing instructor, and has passed her passion for the sport onto your brother. He comes out of the sea briefly, to greet us, with a big smile upon his face, then goes straight back in again, whizzing up and down the bay.

I think you would have been rather impressed by his competence, and proud of him, too. He hasn’t long taken up the sport, but seems to be a very quick learner.

Two horses were cantering along the beach, at the water’s edge, whilst we were there. Now that is something I know you would have loved to do this afternoon. Splashing about in the sea, with the sun and wind blowing against your face, whilst on horseback.

Sweet Angel, we miss you so.
We’re always thinking of you.
Ride free and jump over clouds.
Smiling at whatever you do.

Love you forever xxx