Is this it?


Thursday 21st September


Is this it?

Is this how it’s going to be?

Nothing changes

Nothing will change the fact you’ve gone

Each morning’s the same

Each morning I know you’re not there

Over again

Over, and over again I’m reminded

Heartache and emptiness

Heartache and emptiness can’t be cured


It won’t go away

It won’t get better

It won’t come to an end

It doesn’t wind up and stop

Grief will be with us always

Grief will be a part of our lives

Grief wakes up with us in the morning

And goes to bed with us at night

Grief lives in our house


But you, my Angel

Live in my heart

Alive in my dreams

Always beside me

Somehow you’re there

Soaring above the clouds

To the end of the rainbow

That’s what I must believe


Fly high Angel son

Now forever young


Harbour at low tide this afternoon

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