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  1. Melanie,
    I am so glad you found a way to grieve instead of holding it in for years as I tried to do.
    When I did write those first few years, it was usually long handed. I wasn’t computer savvy at the time.
    That being said,
    You will continue to miss him more and more as the realization sinks in that he isn’t here on earth with you and your husband any more.
    You are in a rough place right now. (It will always be a rough place sometimes.) Everything is new, And not a new you want or will ever like. You have BEFORE and AFTER.
    I still after all these years : really don’t know the right thing (s) to say. I usually know what NOT to say.
    I am sure you have already heard plenty of those.
    Take comfort in your memories.
    Love and Gentle Hugs….to you both.
    Prayers Always.
    Support and friendship.

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    • Thank you for your kind words Sarah. All of what you say is so very true.
      The realisation that our son is no longer with us hits every single morning. It is desperately hard to come to terms with.
      So many hopes, so many dreams. All gone.
      We do have many, many memories, as he went everywhere with us, all over the world, for all of his thirty years. And we must learn to smile more when recalling those memories.
      Thank you for your thoughts and prayers xx


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