100 days an angel


Saturday 20th June

One hundred days ago you gained your Angel wings and left us to fly to heaven. The complete unexpectedness of your departure threw us into the depths of despair.

It’s been hard. It’s been really hard to face the world without you. But every morning we try. We have to. For ourselves, for our younger son, and for you. We have so much to remember. So many amazing memories of your thirty years.

Today your Nan and Auntie came to visit with you. The cemetery was so calm and peaceful, with the sun shining down, and your flowers looking colourful and fresh. As the breeze rustled through the tall trees, your Auntie said it sounded as though everyone here was whispering to one another. All friends together, seeking solace.

Nan became a little upset as she touched your simple wooden cross. I do hope you knew she was there. We all loved you so very much, you touched each and every one of our lives with your uniqueness of being.

Fly free, soar so high, and know we will never, ever, forget you.
You hold such a special place in all our hearts.
And that’s where you are now, safe within our hearts.

Love you forever Angel xxxx

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