Father’s Day


Sunday 21st June

You were the reason our family could celebrate Father’s Day in the beginning. Our elder son, born thirty years ago, followed two years later by your brother. Many meals out, cards and presents would be given over your lifetime. You were the reason my husband became ‘Dad’.

I remember one year you sent a card through the post: the envelope simply said ‘Daddy’, followed by our address. I think we still have that somewhere. So sweet, and sent with love.

Today however, was tinged with much sadness, as it is the first Father’s Day without you. Tears were shed this morning, I can tell you. And again when we visited your graveside, sat on the grass, and talked with you for quite some time.

We still can’t quite come to terms with the fact that you’re no longer with us. It just doesn’t seem right at all. Things shouldn’t happen like this. Not in this order. A father should not have to bury his son. It’s not fair.

In the afternoon we wandered down to the beach, where a fancy dress surfing competition was taking place. I’m sure you would have loved to walk about on the sand, listening to the music, and seeing all the weird and wonderful outfits on display. You liked to sit and watch the lifeguards as they patrolled the beach, look at people playing games, or watch the families on holiday having fun.

In the evening we went out for dinner when your brother had finished work. All three of us drank a toast to you, and talked about what you might have chosen from the menu. You should have been there with us, but you were in spirit, and that is important.

We love you and miss you so much.
Dad did especially miss you, on this, his ‘Father’s’ day.

Love you forever.
Sweet dreams my Angel son.

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  1. Oh, my heart. I also lost my beautiful son. He was thirty at the time. It is so difficult to go through that pain. I still weep if a photo of him peeks in through the corner of my eye. I stop to catch my breath and my heart breaks a little more. I will think of you and you husband today.

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