A present from America


Wednesday 8th July

“He’ll be with you
in the places you go,
in the things you do…
in your heart.”

Returning from my weekly lymphoedema appointment, I picked up the post from the floor by the back door. Our lovely friends in America, whom we have known since 1994, sent a card of condolence, and inside was a wonderful silver heart necklace for me. So kind, thoughtful and generous.

Our friends live in South Carolina, and are gracious hosts to us, whenever we make our annual visit. Dinner parties have almost always ended with the most marvellous pecan pie, with an extra one having been made for us to enjoy the following day.

I know these people will really miss you being around, when we do eventually return to South Carolina. They loved you, and your accent, and were completely understanding of your sometimes challenging behaviour.

Right now we have no summer holiday plans. Maybe we’ll give America a miss this summer, I just don’t know. It doesn’t seem right at the moment to book our holiday without you. For twenty odd years our planning was centred around you two boys. When your brother decided it was no longer cool to go on holiday with mum and dad, it was just the three of us. And what fun we had, and the miles we covered in our hire car. South Carolina, through Georgia down to the tip of the Florida Keys, not forgetting an extended stay in Orlando so that you could enjoy the theme parks.

Will we follow the same road again? I’m not sure we will. You allowed us to have fun, year on year, acting like big kids. Being a child-like thirty year old, we would spend most of our Orlando time in the theme parks, going on each and every one of the rides, watching parades and fireworks, playing in the water parks, riding on airboats, watching movies at the IMAX, playing crazy golf, buying books and DVD’s from Barnes and Noble or Books a Million, or eating pancakes and maple syrup. You let us be a huge part of your extended childhood, and for that we are so grateful, and yet left so sad now.

There are so many memories and reminders of you, everywhere.

One day, I’m sure, we will go back to Orlando, but not just yet. It’s too soon.

We miss you more each day.
Love you forever.
Sweet dreams Angel son xxxx

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  1. I’m not sure how I would be able to do the same things without him! Or perhaps I would need to do it without him in order to help me heal? New memories in the life u must continue? Just thoughts that went thru my mind while reading.

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  2. I am so so sorry for your enormous loss. You write so beautifully about it, and I just can’t imagine the void you feel. thoughts are with you from across the pond

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    • Thank you so much for your kind thoughts.
      I just find writing to be therapeutic, and a way of remembering my son.
      I need to document my feelings, because I don’t want to forget anything about him.


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