A better day



Saturday 25th July

Following a number of days of grey, wet and very windy weather, today was much better. Clear blue skies, warm sun, and only a light breeze: I’m sure the many tourists were thankful as they made their way to the beaches, loaded down with towels, windbreaks, buckets and spades, and surfboards. This is what summer at the seaside is all about. A day playing on the sand and swimming in the sea, eating ice cream and using sunscreen.

We spend about an hour at your graveside, renewing the flowers, clipping the grass, whilst talking to you all the time. No, it’s not strange, it’s what we do. We’ve always looked after you, and we will continue to do so. Sunflowers, roses, carnations, gladioli, chrysanthemums and petunias, all looking beautiful in the sunshine.

We take a walk around the crowded harbour in the afternoon and watch the regatta of small yachts in the bay. It really is quite picturesque. Amazing what sunny weather can do to a place.

In years past, we would now be on our summer vacation in America. Travelling with you down the east coast to Orlando and beyond. Five weeks, and three thousand miles in our hire car. Such happy, happy days, with fabulous memories. We’re giving it a miss this summer: we are not yet ready to revisit places where we went with you. We will go back there. But not yet.

Thinking of you so much today.
Sweet, precious boy.
My darling Angel son.




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