Daily Archives: April 13, 2017

Better Together


Thursday 13th April

There was a lot less walking today! Perhaps we over did it yesterday. But anyway, we (slowly) walked around the shops, marina and market. Faro is such a great place to soak up the wonderful atmosphere and people watch.

Love you so much sweetheart.

Wish we could be together again. It certainly is better together…….


Dad’s breakfast ~ cappuccino and pastel de nata

Wonderful orange trees everywhere

Cobbled streets and cafés

You came with us for lunch, overlooking the marina. Jack Johnson and ‘Better together’ was playing over the speakers. You loved ‘Banana Pancakes’

The marina today

An orange man 😀

Large palm trees

A faint kiss in the sky (from you?)

Silly selfie time again 😎

Sun going down over the children’s carousel

Warm evening

Warm skies

Graffiti everywhere