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The Alcazaba


Thursday 20th April

This morning we wandered and meandered around the narrow streets of the old city of Badajoz. Breakfast toast and coffee in a quirky little street café was followed by a walk to the citadel ~ the alcazaba. Built during the Islamic period, much still remains today. The views over the city, to the many terracotta rooftops and river beyond are terrific.

The Plaza Alta is spectacular, with it’s black, white and red tiled buildings and many arches surrounding the square, it is a great place to soak up the history of the area.

I’m sure you would have been imersed in the magical days of old and the tales of battles and conquering heroes.

Miss you so much

Darling Angel son.


Gateway up to the citadel

Plaza de la Soledad

Plaza de la Soledad

Walking up to the Alcazaba

An ancient city gate

Citadel walls

View over the city of Badajoz

Alcazaba walls and turrets

Looking down onto the Plaza Alta

Beautiful buildings and colours

Plaza Alta


Colourful buildings

Amazing brickwork

In the Plaza Alta looking up

Beautiful colours, arches and windows

Fascinating colours and geometric shapes

So much geometry to see in the shapes of the buildings

Fabulous arches

Inside a corridor of arches and domed ceilings

Narrow colourful street

Rectangular shades suspended above the pavements

Ochre shades

Palm trees