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Monday 24th April


Between morning coffee and afternoon coffee we wandered and mooched, meandered and strolled, traipsed and sauntered and roamed the fabulous cobbled streets of Faro.

Our first stop was the Igreja do Carmo, a great example of the Algarve’s artistic heritage: woodcarvings, paintings and sculptures adorn the interior of the church. Then outside there is the Chapel of Bones built in the early 1800’s, where the bones and skulls adorning the walls and ceiling were taken from the adjoining cemetery.

I’m not sure of your thoughts on the chapel, my darling……. would you have found it too ghoulish, or would you have been quietly fascinated by the strange interior, and likened the place to Skeletor’s abode?? You did so like HeMan battling Skeletor for the power of GraySkull’s castle. I’m not really sure what you would have made of it at all. Wish you were here to talk to, and tell me.

Love you my Angel

Precious son


Morning coffee

Afternoon cappuccino and pastries

The Church Of The Venerável Ordem Terceira de Nossa Senhora do Carmo

Fabulous altar

Inside the Chapel of Bones

Utterly fascinating, but scary at the same time

A strange mannequin looking over one of the shopping streets

Café street life

The sun’s going down

Sunset over the low tide marshes