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Río Guadiana


Wednesday 19th April

This afternoon we walked across the River Guadiana using an old pedestrian bridge Puente de Palmas, that was first put in place in the early sixteenth century. We walked through the impressive gates, the entrance to the old city, as approached from Portugal.

It seems to be a popular route for walkers, runners and cyclists. Many ducks, geese and swans were being fed bread and crumbs by a number of children.

You would have liked to walk across this bridge, probably running ahead, looking over the sides, or chasing the ducks.

We miss you sweetie

Beloved Angel son


The Guadiana River this morning

Puente de Palmas

Halfway across

View to the old city and the Alcazar

Puente de la Universidad

Various bird life on the river bank

Geese, ducks and chicks

Part of the old walls

The old city gates

One of the entrances​ to the old walled city