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Boat trip



Friday 14th April

This morning we took a boat trip to the outer islands surrounding Faro. The weather was glorious, not too hot, but plenty of sunscreen was applied beforehand. Out first stop was Isla Deserta, not really a deserted island, as apparently there is one inhabitant and lots of day trippers, plus a restaurant that has been there for twenty or so years. We had a little explore over the sand and dunes, picked up a few shells and saw a starfish. Lots of bird life make their home on these islands, and we saw terns, egrets, cormorants, oystercatchers and a white spoonbill.

Another short boat ride took us to Farol Island where we stopped for some lunch, and further exploring. The Lighthouse Island. 

Upon our return to land, having been recommended by our boat captain, we tried the local firewater ~ Medronho Aguadente ~ seriously strong licor. Much more to our taste is Beirão ~ smooth and wonderfully palatable.

And of course, Frankie Angel Bear came along for the trip. Think you would have enjoyed yourself, and I’m sure the captain would have let you have a go at steering the boat, like another young chap was allowed to do.

Missing you on this holiday my darling.


Blue skies and sea

Such clear water

Starfish in the shallows

Across the dunes

Our pontoon boat

Stopping for a cold beer

Boats on the beach

Sparkling water

Enjoying a walk on the sand

Fabulous aloe

Passing the old city as we head back

Will we fit beneath the railway bridge, as we head back to the marina?

Beirão with Frankie Angel Bear