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Wasn’t expecting that….


Saturday 8th April

Well, I wasn’t expecting that…….

We had arranged to take my mum out for lunch today. She was looking forward to a day out from the care home, and enjoy the sunshine.

When I arrived mid-morning, a carer was on the phone to a doctor, as my mum was complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath. Paramedics and an ambulance were called, and just under three hours later we had arrived at the accident and emergency department of the hospital.

Blood tests, obs, ECG and an x-ray were carried out. There has definitely been some sort of cardiac event. At five o’clock she was taken up to the Medical Admissions Unit to await results.

Knowing that the cemetery gates are locked at sunset, we decided to leave mum and hurry back to come and see you. Arriving at seven o’clock, yes, the gates had been locked, but it was still sunny with blue skies. However, the side pedestrian gate was unlocked, thank goodness.

We needed to see you today. Two years ago, this became your final resting place. It was so peaceful, the last few rays of the sun were dancing through the trees, a few birds were still singing and your heart ornaments were tinkling in the breeze.

We love you so much sweetie, and we miss you more each day.

Arriving back at the hospital, the results were still to be forthcoming. However, just after nine o’clock we finally saw a senior consultant who was happy the second set of bloods showed no significant heightened activity of a particular enzyme, and he would begin the discharge process. Huge sighs of relief all round. 

We finally left mum, safely tucked up in bed and arrived home ourselves just before ten thirty.

So, I certainly wasn’t expecting all that to happen today.

Love you my darling

Precious Angel son


The view from the care home gardens this morning

Although the gates were locked, we managed to get in via a small side entrance

We needed to see you my darling

The rising moon, between the two large trees

Your beautiful, bright flowers