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Back to Portugal


Saturday 22nd April

We left Badajoz early this morning, and our son drove us three and a half hours south to Portimão in Portugal ~ the aim being to watch the F1 powerboat races. However, as it was far too windy, this afternoon’s qualifiers were cancelled. Never mind, we may get the chance tomorrow.

We walked along the main road, and then down onto the boardwalk of the beach, finding a decent looking restaurant, we stopped for a beer and something to eat.

Many volleyball matches were taking place in front of us, and people were jogging up and down, or off to the sea with their surfboards.

Later on we drove to Alvor, walked across wooden boardwalks to the ocean, found an outdoor bar to watch the sunset, then a tremendous fish restaurant for dinner, eating al fresco.

As always, thinking of you my darling

Beloved Angel son



Inside the old city walls of Beja

The fortification at the top of Beja

I think we went the wrong way down a one way street ~ we were tut-tutted at by a nun 🤔

Castelo do Arade

The beach at Portimão

My salad lunch

Son’s salad lunch

A monster in the sky

Fabulous aloe

Overlooking the beach at Portimão

Boardwalk to the beach at Alvor

Rippling sand


Younger son

Dad and I

The three of us

A cold beer

We like Super Bock

A pretty sunset

The sun about to disappear

Your brother looking pensive

Dad looking grumpy