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Sunday 16th April

We left Faro early this morning and drove westwards towards Albufeira. Dipping down a steep and windy road we parked above a spectacular beach called Praia do Carvalho, accessible only by an uneven set of steps, hewn into the rock, inside a tunnel.

We spent a couple of hours here, watching the waves, swimming, and being amazed by the patterns in the cliffs, the caves and passageways that had been carved into the rocks high above the sea.

We drove on to another, much more touristy beach for lunch. Many holidaymakers were wandering, eating ice creams and drinking, listening to disco music, or being transported around in a sightseeing train pulling blue and white carriages.

By late afternoon we were ready to hit the road again, and our son drove us North to his house in Spain, where we will be staying for this coming week.

It was a long day, but the beaches were superb. I’m sure you would have loved exploring the nooks and crannies of the secret tunnels. 

We do miss you my darling, as we travel to new destinations, and can only imagine how you would react to the places we go now.


Our first view of the beach

Seems to be quite popular

Starting down the steep tunnel of steps

Narrow and uneven

A cliff with steps, hand holds, passageways, arches and tunnels

Colourful layers of rock

The sea looks perfect

The entrance to a cave

Such clear water

Beautiful colours

People on the beach, and on the top of the cliff

Time to leave

The dark doorway to the steps

One last look around

Onwards and upwards

Safely back at the top

The beach at Cavoiera

Hot and sunny

Lots of space left