Smile for a while


Monday 3rd April

Dad was going through some coats

Hanging in the hallway

Coming across your winter one

That you wore on a cold day

He felt inside the pockets

Something you’d hidden away

A packet of M and M’s

And five pounds from your pay

It made us smile for a while

Then came sadness and dismay

Little things that mean so much

We come across them everyday

Wish you were still here with us

Love you more than words can say



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      • A number of years ago, in August, a near friend passed away, cancer. I was given her toasty winter coat as I didn’t have a proper one. I hung it in the closet but didn’t touch it until cold weather set in, months later. In one pocket, I found the car keys everyone had been searching for. It was like I could hear her laughing and saying, “Took you long enough.” Going on eight years and I still miss her, still think of things I want to tell her, share with her. Thoughts of her make me smile. ❤

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      • Such a lovely story. One to treasure and certainly smile about.
        And yes, there is still so much left to say or do.
        Thank you for sharing.
        👼 x 👼

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